The RENEW FACE SHIELD features a flexible, comfortable, acrylic frame that you wear like eyeglasses or sunglasses.   Just slide the frame on over your ears and you are covered!  In the event the fit is too loose, the frame ends even include little loops to attach simple rubber band for a tighter fit!

The best part of the RENEW FACE SHIELD is that the shields can be replaced!  Each frame comes with 5 shields.  Remember, you can clean the shields and use them over and over, but if you prefer to replace your shield, just pop off the old one and pop on the new one!  Each shield has 5 pre-cut holes that line up with the frame and are easy to replace.  

When wearing the RENEW FACE SHIELD, there is plenty of room under the shield to still wear additional safety goggles and a surgical or N95 mask.



• lightweight, 14” x 9” full wrap shield, replaceable shields
• Type D, high clarity
• antifog/antistatic
• Meets FDA 21 CEFR 177.1630 standard
• comfortable acrylic frame
• fit can be tightened by adding rubber band
• protects against droplets from sneezing, coughing, etc...
• not for welding, impact, etc...



HA0091-1PC: comes with one frame, 5 shields

HA0091-2PC; comes with two frames, 10 shields

HA0091-3PC; comes with three frames, 15 shields

HA0091-4PC; comes with four frames, 20 shields

HA0091-5PC: comes with five frames,, 25 shields